New Crypto Movement — Dog vs Cat Communities ⚔️👀

Certain things in the world divide us. Like morning versus night people, coffee or tea, believer or nonbeliever, and the greatest divide of all is the question — Are you a cat person or a dog person?

We share the fundamental belief you cannot be both.

In Crypto, for the lovers of man’s best friend, things JUST GOT TWISTED. Shilled by their sole master… a power-hungry, out of control, dominant and manipulative character.

Obedience only goes so far… The change is here, the movement is happening. We felt it was time to take control away from the “King of Doge”.

Sad “King of Doge”

Introducing $KITTY Coin on Polygon (Matic) 🐱

The emergence of Kitty Coin was inevitable. Tired of the dog coins and their insufferable sole influencer, and the ballistically high ETH fees, we decided to build a project that would be both - adorable and affordable for everyone.


Dog coins on the run…

$KITTY Coin main tasks:

  • To give our fluffy outgoing Meow’s the respect and recognition they deserve under the Crypto sun.
  • Bring the fun of community-owned tokens to the Polygon network. Meow
  • Although we love ‘wen moon, wen lambo’, $KITTY will be developing strong utilities to ensure we hold an amazing presence within the ecosystem. (many are Top Secret), but here’s a kitty taste — will include Farming, NFTs, Charity elements along the way.

Liquidity pooling:

We’ve chosen to pair our liquidity with $MATIC.

The token's equity will reflect the price action of the parent network. This simply means when $MATIC rises in value, so will $KITTY.

Decentralised Investment Organisation (DIO):

Kitty Coin is a part of the Dark Matter DIO. It’s operated by the core team members who have recognition in the ecosystem (non-anon). It also benefits $KITTY with building outlines, technical solutions, and investment acquisition (pump’n’dump free).

Read more:

Kitty on the puff looking fancy.

💰 Tokenomics

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 $KITTY

Too many digits for you? That’s 1 quadrillion, and no more can ever be minted.

Public Sale: 40% (completed)

We successfully concluded our pre-sale round, generating approximately 24 ETH (0.1 ETH min, 0.5 ETH max per investor). These funds were added to the liquidity pool.

Marketing: 10%

Intended for project traction through influencers, partnerships, ongoing community building and outreach.

Airdrops: 5%

Airdrops in waves so we don’t impact the price.

Team: 5%

Meant to further incentivize project growth and development.

And NO, we didn’t send half our coins to Vitalik. Although we know for a fact he loves Cats over Dogs. 😼


📌 How to Set-up Polygon Network

📌 Buy $KITTY on Quickswap

📌 Check $KITTY Quickchart

📌 $KITTY Contract address

📈 Why Polygon?

Previously known as Matic Network, Polygon is an Ethereum token that powers the Polygon Network, a multichain scaling solution for Ethereum.

Polygon aims to provide faster and cheaper transactions on Ethereum using Layer 2 sidechains, which are blockchains that run alongside the Ethereum main chain.

Sounds complicated? Don’t worry. The most important is that it allows trading incredibly fast and almost for free.

We are excited to be one of the early players on Polygon. Many folks in the crypto world believe that sidechains will be a fundamental building blockchain of the new blockchain economy. We agree. And that’s why building $KITTY on Polygon was a no-brainer 😇.

$Kitty loves to Hodl, MEOW

❤️ Kitty Gang

We would like to thank each member who has followed us on Twitter, joined our Discord or Telegram, and trusted us so far. We see all your likes, feedback, and comments, which we take into consideration to build a great MEOW community.

We promise, $KITTY is here to stay. 🐈

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Smart contract on Polygon

📌 How to Set-up Polygon Network

📌 Buy $KITTY on Quickswap

📌 Check $KITTY Quickchart

📌 $KITTY Contract address



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