New Crypto Movement — Dog vs Cat Communities ⚔️👀

Sad “King of Doge”

Introducing $KITTY Coin on Polygon (Matic) 🐱

Dog coins on the run…

$KITTY Coin main tasks:

  • To give our fluffy outgoing Meow’s the respect and recognition they deserve under the Crypto sun.
  • Bring the fun of community-owned tokens to the Polygon network. Meow
  • Although we love ‘wen moon, wen lambo’, $KITTY will be developing strong utilities to ensure we hold an amazing presence within the ecosystem. (many are Top Secret), but here’s a kitty taste — will include Farming, NFTs, Charity elements along the way.
Kitty on the puff looking fancy.

💰 Tokenomics


📈 Why Polygon?

$Kitty loves to Hodl, MEOW

❤️ Kitty Gang




Fluffiest community project on Polygon

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Fluffiest community project on Polygon

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